5 Best Winning Formula For A MBA PPO!

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Meenu Bhatia, Published on Oct 27th, 2021
Co-Founder - YUGMA & VANS Skilling and Advisory| ACC Coach| HR Transformation Expert

5 Best Winning Formula For A MBA PPO!

The main objective of an MBA student is to develop management skills and obtain a good placement. The final internships are held in the second year of the MBA, while the three-month summer internships are another opportunity to obtain a PPO (Pre-placement offer) in the first year. Needless to say, these two placement seasons holds great importance, but the former one, the summer internship is more important than the latter.

PPO or Pre-Placement Offers are carried out by organizations, a long time before the Final Placements. It is for the students who have interned with them and managed to grab their attention with their work during the summers. Instead of coming on campus during placement times, these organizations hire students through the pre-placement offers in the first year itself.  A PPO also shows how well-groomed the students are and increases the reputation of a B School. PPOs are done by the organizations after carefully monitoring the performance and dedication of the students. Students who get selected through PPOs have hands-on experience, a close view of the culture and how the company actually works. 

The placement season is one of the stressful time during the MBA program, a PPO in such cases makes an applicant relaxed and ensured a job well in advance, saving them from the pressure ahead of time.

Here is the winning formula for you to get a PPO and make the most of your MBA summer internship:

1. Take Ownership: Once a task or a project has been assigned to you, take ownership of it and complete the task on time, keeping your mentor in the loop for every step you do.

2. Follow-Ups: Take follow-ups for every task and emails sent to the mentor. 

3. Ask, Ask, Ask!: Sitting quietly and expecting that a certain task would be given to you is not how it works. Be proactive and ask for work or any information that you need. This shows how serious, and confident you are and leaves a good impression on your mentor.

4. Participate Actively:  Be an active member of your team. Play your strengths and help the team in whatever way possible to deliver the project. Also, do not hesitate to ask for help when you are in need.

5. Network!: Networking plays an important role as the connections that you make in the organization and outside can lead to a long term association and also help in knowing more about the organization. You should interact often with fellow interns who may be your future coworkers. Also, your ability to cross the borders of a unit or team may also be identified early. 

Getting a PPO, notwithstanding, is actually quite difficult. It’s tough, but not impossible. Consider your MBA Summer Internship as a learning phase as you progress through your professional career. Have fun, work hard and smart. Brace yourself and get the most from your summer internship. 

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